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Help your allergy symptoms with  immunotherapy!

Our Office has partnered with Greer Allergy Immunotherapy to provide you with the most comprehensive allergy testing and treatment possible.  Testing is done in the office. In most cases, results are available that same day. As part of our comprehensive immunotherapy treatment plan, we may be able to offer a Sublingual treatment option (not covered by most insurance companies) instead of traditional injection therapies.

Contact our office to schedule your allergy consultation. 




Skin cancers account for almost half of all cancers diagnosed in the United States.  Melanoma ( most dangerous form of skin cancer) incidence have been increasing for last 30 years.

Risk factors for melanoma are:

sunburns, exposure to ultraviolet  radiation (both from the sun and tanning beds), personal or family history of skin cancer, many or abnormal moles, autoimmune disease, weak immune system).

  Our office is now able to provide patients with a comprehensive whole body exam to address concerns regarding new or changing skin lesions and perform biopsy if necessary  and/or refer to Dermatologist.

  Your comprehensive appointment can be completed in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.  Skin consultations are a separate appointment from all other types of office visits. Contact our office to set up your appointment today!

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